Receive Webhooks

Receiving Webhooks

Webhooks are a way to get notifications over the network by setting up a server and listening for post events. To set up a simple server to receive webhooks, you can also use some of the example scripts in the getting started repo.

As of now, raw EEG data streaming is not supported over webhooks, but the connection status of the device is.

All messages are sent on the root path '/'.

Messages Examples


  data: {
    id: 4,
    device: { id: 'XlJkPjTVoQr+PJ2mzLks9Q==', name: 'MuseS-17EC' },
    status: 'connected',
    lsl_ts: 5431.3538874,
    unix_ts: 1633322947.932
  type: 'status',
  action: { value: 'connected', time: 5431.3538874 }
  data: {
    id: 5,
    device: { message: 'lostConnection', device: [Object] },
    status: 'disconnected',
    lsl_ts: 5444.0920081,
    unix_ts: 1633322960.67
  type: 'status',
  action: { value: 'disconnected', time: 5444.0920081 }

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