API Integration

Obtaining a Metrics API Key

A Metrics API Key gives you access to the output of our preprocessing functions and detection algorithms (metrics and markers). To get a metrics API key, you will need to first purchase the Maker Plan from https://petal.tech/plans. Then, if you haven't already, download the Metrics desktop application. Next, run the Metrics desktop application.

Log in to your account. Click the dropdown menu with your email and select 'GET API KEY'. Then click 'COPY API KEY' to copy it to the clipboard.

Enabling Local Metrics Data Stream

After logging in, select 'ENABLE API CALLS' in the user menu to allow API calls to be made with the connected Muse in real-time. This will be streamed over LSL or OSC according to user preference. Note: We are working to improve the interface to provide better feedback after the 'ENABLE API CALLS' button has been clicked. Currently, the state of the button does not change after clicking.

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